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- Cash Balance - all funds from payment processors or deposited funds are credited to this balance.

- Earning Balance (or Account Balance) - all earnings from matrix position/s go to this balance, except repurchase percentage

- Commission Balance - All commissions from your referrals are credited to this balance

- Re-Purchase Balance – Specific percentage of all earnings is credited to this balance and is used to automatically purchase new $2 positions in ''SUB lvl 1'' matrix (for members who already have purchased ''SUB Matrix'' or got the same trough cycling.
For members who don't have ''SUB Matrix'' position/s, funds will remain unused on RB until they get active SUB Matrix position.
If you have other questions which are not mentioned above or on ‘’Details’’ page, please ask our friendly admins in our Facebook group. Otherwise, if it's technical issues, please contact us via "Support" page on our website.

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We accept Payeer, PerfectMoney, CoinPayments.
SolidTrustPay is only available for advertisement purchases.
Members can withdraw $5 minimum - $200 maximum daily at the moment.
You can only request withdrawal once per day.
At the moment we process all requests within 24-48 hours. Sometimes withdrawal processes are fast or instant during working hours.
Please contact our support if payment is not received within the specified time frame.
No refunds, because all commissions are already paid to the referring sponsor.
Yes, there is 2% fee for all withdrawal requests.
Due to constant fraud concerns with Online Payment Processors, YourSmartProfit.com will be implementing the following terms and conditions. This is for your safety and ours.
1. Member's information on our website must match the payment processor customer information (Full Real Name and Email Address).
2. Member can only withdraw using the same payment processor ID/email they used to make purchase and upgrade to their account.

A. Same SolidTrustPay Username
B. Same Perfect Money account
C. Same Payeer account, etc.

We reserve the right to request proof of identification at any time. Failure to prove identification will result in account cancellation.
Any withdrawal requests that are not match with the information above will be cancelled.
No membership means you are limited in some of your purchases, earnings, withdrawals etc. (Visit ‘’Details’’ page for more info).
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