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We are an Online Advertising Platform with implemented Matrix module.

We sell Traffic Advertising services.

We offer Pay Per Click (PPC), Paid To Click (PTC) / CashLinks, Banner Ads, Text Ads, Business directory and Login Ad services.

Members can use these services to advertise their businesses and/or online programs to other members and visitors of our website.

In our Matrixes you can build your income potential.

Advertising - Matrix Platform is a platform that offers advertising space for members and customers, plus it offers possibillity to earn money trough our Matrix plans, to all members.

Check the answers above for Advertising packs.

We have 6 Matrix plans as follows:

1. SUB - Matrib (our basic matrix)
2. YSP1 + X1
3. YSP2 + X2
4. YSP3 + X3
5. YSP4 + X4
6. Clicker's Chance Matrix

No, this is not an investment website nor is it illegal in any way, shape, or form.
We sell advertising services and we are NOT an investment company. YSP offers quite a lot of advertising services of the highest possible quality and delivers them quickly. Our Matrix plans are extra ways to earn money participating in it. Be dedicated to it and work hard on advertising YSP to achive higher earnings.

Details on how works, you can find on ‘’Details’’ page.

NO. Members CAN NOT set up multiple accounts or refer themselves. Only one account allowed per IP address.

Any member caught in stacking referrals will be SUSPENDED.



Changing of sponsor is not allowed. Double check your sponsor's information before signing up.
If you purchase Matrix position(s), you will earn money when your position(s) cycle troug our matrixes.
To speed up the proces, make sure that you work hard on advertising YSP and bring in new members.
For traffic (Advertising) purchases we have no limits.
For Matrix plan purchases can occur some limits on how many positions a member can purchase in specified time frame.
If you forgot your password, you can click ''Forgot Password'' text on Login Page and new password will be sent to your e-mail address you used to register on YSP website.
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