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We are an Online Advertising / Cashback Platform with implemented Matrix module. We sell Traffic Advertising services. YourSmartProfit’s main product service is Business Directory Listing Traffic Ad Packs. We are also offering Pay Per Click (PPC), Paid To Click (PTC) / CashLinks, Banner Ads, Text Ads, Login Ads and Solo Ads services. Members can use these services to advertise their businesses and/or online programs to other members and visitors of our website.

Advertising/Cashback Platform is a program with product known as Traffic Ad Pack, Share, Token, Business Unit or Position. This product is purchased for a value (USD) and return with a matured value. For example (120%) - Purchase for $10 and receive $12 - This exemplifies a 120% return. Plus, for every $10 Ad Pack purchase on YSP website, you will get one $1 Matrix position, that earns you extra profit when completed.

There is one Advertising/Payback plan on website: That’s $10 YSP Adpack

No, this is not an investment website nor is it illegal in any way, shape, or form. We sell advertising services and we are NOT an investment company. YSP offers quite a lot of advertising services of the highest possible quality and delivers them quickly. By clicking a minimum of 10 ads in a day, you qualify to receive share in the revenues generated from sales of services. This is not a cycle and there is no time frame affixed, nor guaranteed, because it is completely related to the revenues generated from the sales of services. (First - sales of services generate revenues, then they are shared) You will receive 10% commissions when someone you refer buys an advertising service, as follow: 1’st Level 5% 2’nd Level 3% 3’rd Level 2%

Details on how works, you can find on ‘’Details’’ page.

NO. Members CAN NOT set up multiple accounts or refer themselves. Only one account allowed per IP address.

Any member caught in stacking referrals will be SUSPENDED.



Changing of sponsor is not allowed. Double check your sponsor's information before signing up.
Revenues are shared hourly to all active traffic ad packs.
We DO NOT GUARANTEE daily returns to all traffic ad packages as revenue share depends on advertising sales & services we receive.
Yes, 200 Traffic Ad Pack maximum packs a member can purchase at once and unlimited Traffic Ad Packs a member can own
The member will not receive any applicable revenue share (except Matrix earnings).
All members must click/surf 10 ads daily to qualify with hourly revenue sharing.
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