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    SUB - Matrix

    SUB - Matrix is our basic matrix and every member needs to purchase SUB - Matrix to be able to purchase other YSP Matrixes (Except Clicker's Chance Matrix).

    SUB - Matrix

    When member purchase SUB - Matrix he/she will get one $2 position added in the ''SUB 1 lvl'' matrix every 72 hours.

    When all positions are added, you have spent your $20 and you'll have 10 matrix positions in the system.

    Your Re-purchase balance is also used to add new $2 positions automatically in the system to prevent unnecessarily holding of the funds on RB.

    We recommend everyone who can afford it to purchase one SUB Matrix position every month.

    Imagine what can happen when 2.000 SUB Matrix positions enter the system every month (with existing members)'s 2.000 new $2 positions which will enter the system every 3 days and push everything forward (20.000 per month).....IMAGINE... and UNDERSTAND what you have here in YOUR Smart Profit and follow our advices!!!

    GENIUS - Matrix

    YourSmartProfit's 3x1 GENIUS Matrix was made to speed up earnings for our members and in the same time give more new positions in SUB Matrix (which is the motor of our system) and in YSP matrixes which will further fill ''X'' matrixes and bring really exciting earning amounts to all of you in the long run.

    You only need to understand YSP system and work on it.

    Keep in mind that you always reinvest $10 in new GENIUS position and keep profit, every time your position cycle in each one of the 6 levels!!!

    If you do so, the whole system will work much faster.

    Those $10 ($60 from all 6 levels) won't make you rich if you withdraw it but will push your positions trough the YSP system and bring it in ''YSP'' and ''X'' matrixes where earnings are HUGE when you follow our advice!!

    Take this advice serious and work towards big earnings, no matter will they come in couple of months or couple of years, you have
    the chance to earn thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars in our system, just be SMART as YourSmartProfit!!

    YSP1 + X1

    As you can see in the image above, ''YSP 1'' Matrix will give you (except earnings in dollars and Sponsor Bonuses when positions of your referrals cycle) free positions in ''X1'' Matrix, Re-entry in ''YSP 1'' and positions in ''YSP 2'', ''YSP 3'', ''YSP 4'' and ''Clickers Chance Matrix'' (CCM).

    The same thing happens in other YSP Matrixes below because we have connected all of them to work together and to push each other.

    This is the system which will never stop working and bringing profits if we all work on it and put some effort in understanding it.

    Understand it to be able to tell everyone about YSP because every new position in the system makes a difference and will help us all!!

    YSP2 + X2 


    YSP3 + X3 


    YSP4 + X4 


    You'll get all ''X'' matrixes for free troughout cycling of ''YSP'' matrixes. That's one of the things we thought will be very profitable for our members in the long run, especially for those who have referrals because Sponsor Bonuses are huge too!

    Clicker's Chance Matrix 


    All members (Free and Pro) have 10% Purchase Commission

    You can have unlimited number of Referrals in your downline

    YSP Advertising

    Business Directory - We don't have BD Ads

    2. Login Ads - These ads are viewed by all members that login to their account daily to surf the ads

    PTC Advertisements - Paid to Click advertising helps to get targeted visitors to your website / link
    How to setup your PTC Ads on YSP website:

    Banner Ads - We offer banner ad packages in 3 different sizes (125x125, 468x60, 728x90)

    Text Ads - We offer text ad packages

    Solo Ads - We don't allow Solo Ads at the moment

    PPC Banners - Pay per click (PPC) is an advanced advertising option where you get guaranteed visitors to your website / link

    Cash Links (PTC)

    The ''tool'' used to bring advertisers and potential customers together. Cash links availability is depending on advertising purchases & advertisements earned trough Matrix cyclings 


    At the moment we have Payza, CoinPayments, Payeer, PerfectMoney (and SolidTrustPay only for advertising purchases).

    Members can withdraw minimum $5 and maximum $200 daily at the moment.
    You can only request withdrawal once per day
    At the moment we process all requests within 24-48 hours

    Sometimes withdrawal processes will be instant or very fast, during working hours

    We wish YOU great earnings!!

    YSP's Admin Team


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