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YSP system have only one membership, its PRO membership.







5 Levels
20%, 20%, 20%, 10%, 10%



1lvl – 5%

2lvl – 3%

3lvl – 2%

Ref cash link click



This is one Membership Commission example with only 5 members trough 5 levels.
You can have unlimited number of Referrals in your downline.

YSP AdPack

- Cost $10 
- 10 PPC credits 
- 200 Business Directory credits
- 1 day Banner ad (125x125)
- 1 day Text Ad

After long thinking and many calculations, we have decided to implement only one YSP AdPack that almost everyone can afford. 
We have 3 main balances, Cash balance, Earning Balance and Commission Balance.

We don’t have Re-Purchase rule for Adpack earnings!!

When you purchase advertising on YSP website (YSP AdPack) using payment processor (Cash Balance), you’ll earn +/- 4% daily for 30 days and if you purchase AdPack from Earning Balance, you’ll earn 2% daily for 60 days. 
As you can see, it’s better to withdraw your earnings and then purchase advertising again. 

If you follow those instructions, you’ll have better daily earnings percentage and there will be fresh flow of extra funds into YSP and that’s good to keep revenue share percentage high. 

With every YSP AdPack purchase, you’ll get quality Advertising to your other businesses and one Y - Matrix position.

1. Business Directory - For every YSP Ad Pack purchased, member gets 200 credits to list their business in our Daily Surf Page. The listings are displayed in rotation with all other listings.


2. Login Ads - These ads are viewed by all members that login to their account daily to surf the ads.


3. PTC Advertisements - Paid to Click advertising helps to get targeted visitors to your website / link.


4. Banner Ads - We offer rotating and fixed (static) banner ad packages in 3 different sizes (125x125, 468x60, 728x90). 


5. Text Ads - We offer rotating and Fixed (static) text ad packages.


6. Solo Ads - You may use this ad service to email our members with your opportunities.


7. PPC Banners - Pay per click (PPC) is an advanced advertising option where you get guaranteed visitors to your website / link.


8. Matrix position(s)- explained below


To make our system sustainable, we have combined Cashback (as free gift from us for your advertising purchase) and Matrix modules with some tweaks and have made ‘’YourSmartProfit – Perpetuum Mobile’’!!! 

Lite Speed Matrix

It's 3 x 1 Company Forced Matrix in 2 levels.

With 100% Spillover

Position cost $10 in BitCoins.

Free members can purchase positions in this matrix too.
Only 3 new positions needed under your position to cycle in each level.
Every position purchased by other YSP members goes to the same matrix and helps it cycle.

When your position cycle level 1. $25 goes to 2nd level and $5 to Charger (2 x 1 matrix that will give you an new position in LSM lvl 1 when cycled.

In 2nd level You'll earn $50 Cash ($10 goes to RB and you can purchase new position) + You get free Re-entry in 1st level and You'll start the cycle again.

As you can see, for every purchased position in Lite Speed Matrix, you'll get 3 new positions in it.

You will also earn Matching Bonus from 3 levels of your referrals.

1st level $5
2nd level $3
3rd level $2

You can purchase unlimited positions, one position every 10 minutes.
Purchase is only possible via Coin Payments.

YSP Matrix 3x3 Company Forced

Matrix position costs $1 and will be added after you have purchased YSP AdPack. 
As you can see, you can’t purchase Y - Matrix Position apart from YSP AdPack.

1lvl 3 x 1 = 3

2lvl 3 x 3 = 9

3lvl 3 x 9 = 27

Y – Matrix

Earns you $10
Matching Bonus 
$4, $2, $1
100 Business Directory Credits 
$5 Entry S - Matrix
$4 Admin fee 

S – Matrix

Earns you $100 
Matching Bonus 
$10, $5, $3 
200 Business Directory Credits 
$10 Entry P – Matrix 
$5 Admin fee 

P – Matrix

Earns you $200
Matching Bonus
$30, $15, $10 
500 Business Directory Credits 
$10 Admin fee 

Golden Matrix

You can purchase 10 positions at a time in Golden Matrix, every 10 minutes.

Fast Matrix 

Cash links

The ''tool'' used to bring advertisers and potential customers together. Cash links availability is depending on advertising & membership purchase. 


At the moment we have Payza, CoinPayments, Payeer, PerfectMoney (and SolidTrustPay only for advertising purchases).

Members can withdraw minimum $5 and maximum $100 daily at the moment.
You can only request withdrawal twice per day.
At the moment we process all requests within 24-48 hours.

Sometimes withdrawal processes will be instant or very fast, during working hours.


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