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 YSP Details

If you read our details carefully,  YOU will see that you don't need another matrix system to join or to work on!!

   - YSP Trading

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    - YourSmartProfit is an online advertising platform with implemented trading packs and matrix plans, available worldwide

    - We offer our members competitive advertising packages to drive hot traffic to their websites

    - YourSmartProfit has an innovative approach in its matrix plans and advertising pricing which can enrich your income stream

    - Unique design to speed up position movement and reward members efforts

    - YourSmartProfit's ''SUB Matrix'' is our basic matrix

    - ''SUB'' based matrix engineerd to create massive spillover with the help of all members

    - ''SUB Matrix'' - available for $20

    When you purchase SUB Matrix and someone makes the purchase after you, you will get one $2 position in ''SUB Matrix lvl 1'' and after that, every 72 hours new $2 positions will be placed in SUB Matrix lvl 1, for you, automatically. The minimum of 10 positions for every SUB Matrix purchased 

    - Why ''the minimum of 10 positions''

    Because min. 20% of all earnings (10% from YSP Trading) goes to Re-purchase Balance and from that balance the system will proceed with $2 ''SUB Matrix lvl 1'' position purchases every 72 hours, after additional 10 positions were added. Kepp in mind that Repurchase Balance will be used only from the processor you used to purchase SUB Matrix.
    If you purchased SUB Matrix positions from all 3 processors, all Repurchase Balances will be used to add new $2 positions every 3 days.

    - Our smart Re-purchase rule, Cash links (PTC) and our Trading will give extra sources of income for our members and speed up position purchases and cycling

    YSP Trading 

  • The digital currency and asset market is poised for explosive growth, and YourSmartProfit’s Trading provides a secure destination for taking advantage of the opportunity.

    To participate in crypto & fiat currency trading you don’t need to learn how to do it by yourself, just purchase one or more YSP Trading Packs and you’re all set for the monthly income.

    Our team will do the hard part and you’ll start receiving your monthly earnings 30 days (+2 hours) after Trading Pack purchase.

    Of course, we will make profits too and those profits will be used to enhance YSP and increase its stability for the coming years to secure your earnings for the long time.

    Don’t forget matrix positions you get with every Trading Pack purchase, that’s one more way for you to make extra income and each new matrix position is pushing forward the whole YSP matrix system.

    Check the rest of YSP details to see the potential of it and be amazed

    $25 - Basic Trading Pack

    You get $10 monthly income for 12 months

    With each Basic Trading Pack purchase you'll get position in ''Matrix 5'', worth $5

    You need $3 PRO Membership before you purchase 'YSP Basic Trading Pack'

    $250 - VIP Trading Pack

    You get $100 monthly income for 12 months

    With each VIP Trading Pack purchase you'll get position in ''Matrix 50'', worth $50

    You need to have ''YSP Basic Trading Pack' first, to be able to purchase our VIP Trading Pack

    - Massive ''Bonus'' opportunities for leaders and our members who take  action and advertise (work on) YSP system to achieve more earnings. That means AMAZING SPONSOR BONUSES up to 5 LEVELS DEEP
     from our matrix system

    - We also have amazing follow up matrix plans:

    ''YSP 1'' with FREE ''X1''
    ''YSP 2'' with FREE ''X2''
    ''YSP 3'' with FREE ''X3''
    ''YSP 4'' with FREE ''X4''

    - ''Clicker's Chance Matrix'' - Exclusively made for members who don't have the funds for ''SUB Matrix'' position purchase.



    Lucky Jackpot

    Before we start explaining YourSmartProfit matrix plans, we need to mention our weekly ''Lucky Jackpot'' in which members can earn cash prizes, matrix positions, advertising credits, etc.

    You'll be able to earn weekly jackpot ticket at no cost for you, doing some easy advertising tasks. 

    Of course, you will be able to buy jackpot tickets too if you want, the price is only $1 per ticket

    Please check your e-mail regularly or the ''Files'' section in our Official Facebook group for the information about the new Lucky Jackpot tasks for the current week

    We think that our weekly Lucky Jackpot will help a lot of members (who don't have the funds for matrix position purchases) get one or more matrix positions trough it and at the same time they will help push other member's positions forward

    Every member is valuable for us and we always strive to give the chance for extra earnings to the ''little guy'' too 

    Sometimes the funds reserved for the weekly jackpot will be used for our advertising campaigns and we will skip Lucky Jackpot for those weeks


    Almost all Matrix plans have re-purchase rule to keep SUB Matrix and whole system moving.
    From the ''Withdrawal'' ammount you see on matrix images, 10% - 20% goes to your Re-purchase balance.

    Membership Matrix

    You'll get position in Membership Matrix automatically when you purchase $3 Pro membership (Upgrade Account) and via that matrix you get the chance for more earnings and new positions in YSP system

    Membership Matrix
    Matrix 5

    Matrix 5 (together with Matrix 50) is made to give generous Matching Bonuses for Sponsors, 5 levels deep, except earnings and new matrix positions which you can get trough the levels.

    Every 'YSP Basic Trading Pack' will give one extra position in 'Matrix 5' to make it independable from direct M5 position purchases

    $3 PRO membership is required to be able to purchase Matrix 5

    Matrix 5

    Matrix 50

    Just look at the Matrix 50 image below to see all what you can get when your position cycle trough the levels....over and over again

    Every 'YSP VIP Trading Pack' will give one extra position in 'Matrix 50' to make it independable from direct M50 position purchases

    You need to have position in 'Matrix 5' to be able to purchase 'Matrix 50'

    Matrix 50

    SUB - Matrix

    SUB - Matrix is our basic matrix and every member needs to purchase SUB - Matrix to be able to purchase other YSP Matrix plans (Except Matrix 5, Matrix 50 & Clicker's Chance Matrix).

    SUB - Matrix

    When member purchase SUB - Matrix he/she will get one $2 position added in the ''SUB 1 lvl'' matrix every 72 hours.

    When all positions are added, you have spent your $20 and you'll have 10 matrix positions in the system.

    Your Re-purchase balance is also used to add new $2 positions automatically in the system to prevent unnecessarily holding of the funds on RB.

    We recommend everyone who can afford it to purchase one SUB Matrix position every month.

    Imagine what can happen when 2.000 SUB Matrix positions enter the system every month (with existing members)...it's 2.000 new $2 positions which will enter the system every 3 days and push everything forward (20.000 per month).....IMAGINE... and UNDERSTAND what you have here in YOUR Smart Profit and follow our advices!!!

    GENIUS - Matrix

    YourSmartProfit's 3x1 GENIUS Matrix was made to speed up earnings for our members and in the same time give more new positions in SUB Matrix (which is the motor of our system) and in YSP matrix plans which will further fill ''X'' matrix and bring really exciting earning amounts to all of you in the long run.

    You only need to understand YSP system and work on it.

    Keep in mind that you always reinvest $10 in new GENIUS position and keep profit, every time your position cycle in each one of the 6 levels!!!

    If you do so, the whole system will work much faster.

    Those $10 ($60 from all 6 levels) won't make you rich if you withdraw it but will push your positions trough the YSP system and bring it in ''YSP'' and ''X'' matrix plans where earnings are HUGE

    Take this advice serious and work towards big earnings, no matter will they come in couple of months or couple of years, you have
    the chance to earn thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars in our system, just be SMART as YourSmartProfit!!

    Everything is interconnected in YourSmartProfit

    YSP1 + free X1

    YSP 1

    As you can see in the image above, ''YSP 1'' Matrix will give you (except earnings in dollars and Sponsor Bonuses when positions of your referrals cycle) free positions in ''X1'' Matrix, Re-entry in ''YSP 1'' and positions in ''YSP 2'', ''YSP 3'', ''YSP 4'' and ''Clickers Chance Matrix'' (CCM).

    The same thing happens in other YSP Matrix plans below because we have connected all of them to work together and to push each other.

    This is the system which will never stop working and bringing profits if we all work on it and put some effort in understanding it.

    Understand it to be able to tell everyone about YSP because every new position in the system makes a difference and will help us all!!

    YSP2 + free X2 


    YSP3 + free X3 

    YSP 3

    YSP4 + free X4 

    YSP 4

    You'll get all ''X'' matrix plans for free troughout cycling of ''YSP 1, 2, 3 and YSP 4. That's one of the things we thought will be very profitable for our members in the long run, especially for those who have referrals because Sponsor Bonuses are huge too!

    Clicker's Chance Matrix 


    Some other things you need to know

    - $3 Pro Membership is required to purchase position in ''Matrix 5'', to purchase 'YSP Basic Trading Pack' or to withdraw your earnings

    - Position in ''SUB Matrix'' is required to purchase YSP 1, YSP 2, YSP 3 or YSP 4 matrix plans

    - Extra thing we have done to help the whole system is creation of ''Admin account''

    Funds collected on Admin Account will be used for the new $2 ''SUB Matrix lvl 1'' position purchases which will push the whole system and for PTC Ads, to give clickers and all other members the chance to earn $0.5 for Clicker's Chance Matrix (CCM) purchase and to get almost all other YSP matrix plans troug CCM 

    - Another extra thing is ''$5 Reserve for Genius Matrix'' which will go in the invisible 2x1 matrix every time ''SUB Matrix lvl 2'' cycle and every 2nd position in that 2x1 matrix will give new position in Genius Matrix

    The same happens in the 3rd level, only $5 Reserve goes into 2x1 matrix for the position in ''YSP 1''

    That will further help the whole system move faster

    Advertising YSP is not required but if you aren't a total beginner, you know you can't expect big things to happen without it

    Do your best so we can celebrate the New Year 2020 and beyond,  together

    - You can have unlimited number of Referrals in your downline

    PRO Membership

    Cost $3 for 30 days

    You need
    PRO Membership to be able to withdraw your earnings, to purchase 'Matrix 5' or our Trading packs

    YSP Advertising

    Business Directory - We don't have BD ads at the moment

    2. Login Ads - These ads are viewed by all members who login to their account on the daily basis

    PTC Advertisements - Paid to Click advertising helps to get targeted visitors to your website / link
    How to setup your PTC Ads on YSP website: http://bit.ly/2hJ4p9z

    Banner Ads - We offer banner ad packages in 3 different sizes (125x125, 468x60, 728x90)

    Text Ads - We offer text ad packages

    Solo Ads - We don't allow Solo Ads at the moment

    PPC Banners - Pay per click (PPC) is an advanced advertising option where you get guaranteed visitors to your website / link

    Cash Links (PTC)

    The ''tool'' used to bring advertisers and potential customers together. Cash links availability depends on advertising purchases & advertisements earned trough Matrix cyclings 


    At the moment we have CoinPayments, Payeer and PerfectMoney

    Members can withdraw minimum $5 and maximum $500 daily at the moment ($3500 per week)
    You can only request withdrawal once per day

    All withdrawal requests will be processed within 24-48 hours

    Sometimes withdrawal processes will be instant or very fast, during working hours

    We wish YOU great earnings!!

    YSP's Admin Team